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Unusual Personalised Wedding Gifts

Is there anyone who knows someone who is going to marry this month? If you are going to marry this month then it’s mean you have to start think about wedding gift and going to make a long list of wedding present.

A lot of couples now choose to register at their favorite store and provide guests with a list of gifts to choose from… that means no one will be disappointed as there will be a great selection of wedding gifts to choose from while at the same time the happy couple gets what they want too! It makes life very simple, yet to me I think registering for gifts takes the surprise out of a wedding! Although it might be slightly annoying to get three of the same blender… they can be exchanged and you’re still giving your guests the ability to choose a gift that they want to give you rather than dictating to them what you want. Giving gifts is a personal thing… and to tell people what you want takes away that personal element!

If you decide that you are going to deviate from the registered list then I have couple of suggestions for you that you might like. The first is an engraved champagne gift. It’s actually a very popular among many of our customers. Why not have a read of our testimonials to find out what they think? With the personalization software they can see what the gift is going to look like before they buy it. Engraved gifts are a luxury gift and what better time for luxury than at a wedding, what else do we do at weddings… we celebrate! Champagne is the drink of choice when you want to celebrate…


Engraved Champagne Gift Set from

Engraved bottle of champagne just seems like the perfect wedding gifts idea! If you don’t have the budget for engraved champagne then you could go for another type of personalized wedding gift that follows the champagne theme and that is a set of engraved champagne flutes. Personally I believe a set of engraved flutes are a much better gift to give as a wedding present. We have one of the largest ranges of engraved champagne flutes available online and some of our flutes make wonderful personalized. Champagne flutes are wonderful as they can be kept for years to come! They are also a unique gift so hopefully… if you do give a set of champagne flutes; you’ll be remembered as the person who gave them!

If you would like to give a bottle of champagne however you could go for the cheaper option and that is a bottle of personalized champagne, you design the label for this champagne rather than having it engraved. Quite a lot of people like this as they can upload photos and add funky messages to the labels! A really interesting gift idea!