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Eco Friendly Hysteria

It is clear that nowadays the producers have to compete with each other and they sometimes even turn to extremes. At the same time there are huge brands that also need to be on the flow and they need to make the production more attractive and affordable to the clients. How to do it right now? Is there any trend that works? Sure, there is a trend to buy only eco friendly clothing and refuse any garments that might be considered as non-eco friendly. Still there are many disputes about what to consider nature friendly and what not. But for the majority of consumers a word from the producer is enough. So it is clear that following the trend it is easier to sell Surfmonk clothing – it satisfies all the standards and is genuinely eco-friendly. Actually it is necessary to mention that such a tendency can be followed in all the clothing-spheres of human life: beginning from underwear and ending with caps and hats. Moreover, eco friendly clothes as well as yoga towels are more than affordable! They are cheap! And it can be easily explained: they are made of light materials and at the same time they are solid enough. Women’s board shorts made of light solid eco friendly materials are the greatest garments for women ever!

Guess accessories: spring/summer selection 2011

If you have an loads of fervor for add-ons speculate you’ll be pleased to uncover together with us Fashion Pour Femme the new selection is focused on totes, shoes and jewelry, trendy accessories and ladies that will make all of us much more beautiful as well as original. Speculate option the actual design Kate Upton for all it’s campaigns, dedicated to clothing is in monochrome, vintage feeling and is accompanied by a design, for your is focused on add-ons on it’s own, play Totes and shoes just like a kid in a house filled with gioccattoli!

The actual advertising motion is placed inside a Guess accessories hotel Luxury a very special design from those of Advaita, mainly clothing, Here’s the touch of sensuality and more Kate performs the actual part of the pin up appealing and very fascinating that doesn’t need another addition to the woman’s wonderful totes.

Guess accessories presents all of us to the beautiful brand new bags very appealing as well as attractive in which we discover little hearts as well as flowers which get to be the style that will make our spring chic.

The picture shoot ended through digital photographer Yu Tsai Kate makes it truly enchanting and permanent magnetic, which in order to all of us makes us a great need to new add-ons and trendy.

In these photos you can observe the most beautiful handbags, shoes, amongst that colored sandals and wedges after which sunglasses and vision and great bijoux!