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Caring For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Learning how to care for your engagement ring properly can help assure it truly will last forever. While diamonds are extremely strong the settings in which they are placed aren’t necessarily as strong. This is something you wear every day so it is exposed to a lot of wear and tear, not to mention a slew of lotions, soaps and cleaning products. It is important to take a few precautions to care for this precious piece of jewelry.

Know When To Take It Off

Engagement and wedding rings are usually worn most of the time, but there are times when you should take it off in order to protect it. When you are operating machinery or doing any sort of construction work you shouldn’t wear your ring as it could even be a safety hazard. But even when you are doing things like gardening or cleaning the house it is best not to wear it.

When gardening dirt and grime can get stuck in hard to reach places in the setting, but even worse you could hit a rock or put pressure on the ring in a way that can damage the setting. Chemicals and solutions used when cleaning can also cause damage to treatments or finishes on the diamond.

If you will be doing anything that you think may cause damage or loosen the setting it is best to take your engagement ring off until you are finished. Of course whenever you take it off you need to be sure to store it in a safe place. Even if you think you just need to take it off for a couple of minutes while you do something, be sure to keep it in a safe place. All too often accidents can occur if it is left on a shelf or near the sink. Don’t take any chances.

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

Even if you are extremely careful with your wedding ring it will inevitably get dirty. But you can easily clean it to revive it’s sparkle, but when cleaning it you need to be careful as well.

For basic cleaning you can soak the ring in a solution of warm water and mild liquid soap. Use a small soft brush to remove dirt and oils then swish the ring in the mild soap solution. When you are finished place the ring in a strainer to rinse it, so it doesn’t slip down the drain.

It is also a good idea to have your jeweler clean and look at it periodically to make sure the prongs in the setting are still secure. If they become loose you can lose the diamond and not realize it until it is too late.

2010 Wedding Trend – Bridal Accessories With Color

The top bridal designers have just shown their latest collections in New York for 2010 brides. When it comes to accessories, one clear trend has emerged: color. Bridal accessories with color will be all the rage for 2010 weddings. Here are some ideas on how to capture this great trend for your own special day.

Although white has long been the predominant color for weddings, brighter dashes of color have become increasingly popular in recent years. Brides love the idea of using color to add a unique style to their weddings. A pop of color here and there is also a fantastic way to make your wedding attire feel custom and expressive.

One of the first accessories that most brides will select is special bridal jewelry. There are some wonderful ways in which bridal jewelry can be handcrafted with colorful accents while still maintaining that special character that makes it perfect for a wedding. One idea is to choose a handcrafted bridal jewelry set which is created from clear or AB crystals. Add a dash of color by having the designer switch out a few of the clear crystals for ones in your wedding color. This is a great idea, as you can use as much or as little color as you like. Keep the effect subtle with a pastel crystal (pink is especially popular) or go bold and use a stronger color like red.

Another idea for a bridal accessory with color is your wedding hair jewelry. Headbands have been very hot for brides the last few seasons, and they lend themselves to customization. A simple fabric headband can be embroidered with a lovely floral or vine motif in your favorite color. For a bit more pizazz, choose a fabric headpiece and have it beaded with glittering crystals or feminine pearls in a soft rosy color or a rich neutral like bronze. A fantastic alternative is a non-fabric headband made from a wire frame which is adorned with crystals and pearls. A combination of white pearls with colored and clear crystals is modern and fresh. This looks especially stunning when it is a double headband.

You may wish to consider a colorful accessory right on your wedding gown. A vintage inspired brooch can be pinned to the waist of a wedding dress for a dash of color and flair. If you have chosen a trendy one shoulder bridal gown, a fabric flower in a pale blue or pink organza can be stitched to the shoulder for a look that is chic and right in style. A fabric or ribbon sash can be wrapped around the waist of a simple gown to quickly and easily transform it with color.

When you are thinking about wedding accessories, of course your shoes will be important. Even the most traditional bride can have fun with a pair of baby blue silk sandals peeking out from her conservative white wedding gown. Colorful shoes are also a fabulous accent for the ballerina length and hi-low hemlines that will be hot for 2010. Your accessories are a fantastic place to express your individuality and style, so have fun adding colorful accents that will make your bridal ensemble one-of-a-kind.

Style Tips From Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is one of the biggest fashionistas in Hollywood and we can’t help but try to copy her look every time we see a new picture of her. This time, Rachel walked the streets dressed in an ensemble that must of us wouldn’t be able to pull off so easily simply because of the bright hues and neutrals that she mixed.

Seen here, Rachel is rocking a super cute red miniskirt paired with a neutral jacket, a leather bag and some leather boots. The look is perfect because it’s not bland but it’s not over the top either. The red skirt works absolutely amazing with the neutral pelettes and you can pull this look off too!

Pick a cute colorful miniskirt (doesn’t necessarily have to be red like Rachel’s, any color will do!). Throw on a neutral fitted jacket over a white or black tee, and pair with leather boots and a leather bag.