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Beautiful Bridal Veil and Wedding Hairstyle Combinations

The bridal veil is a lovely accent to the wedding gown. It definitely says, “Here comes the bride”! To make the most of your veil, you will need to choose a headpiece and hairstyle which complement it. These are some suggestions for beautiful bridal veil and wedding hairstyle combinations.

Many wedding gowns are shown with matching veils. This can be the perfect finishing touch for your gown, especially when the veil is adorned with a detail pulled from the bridal gown, such as a matching lace applique. The perfectly matched veil and wedding dress set, however, can become very formal and a bit stiff, so always feel free to select an alternate veil which looks pretty with your gown without being an exact match.

Once you have the veil and gown worked it, it it time to put the rest of your look together. In general, the more veil you have, the more grand or large your hairstyle should be. You do not want to end up looking like a bald lady swallowed up by an enormous veil! So if you have selected a veil with several tiers, for instance, opt for a wedding hairstyle which also has fullness and a strong presence. A sleek ultra modern bun would not hit the right note, whereas an updo with a bit of a bump to it would be well balanced with a fuller veil.

A full veil also needs bridal hair jewelry with some presence. If your wedding is formal, a sparkly tiara can be placed right up against the front edge of the veil, which should be worn right on the top of the head or just back a pinch on the crown of the head (more narrow veils can be worn further back). Brides who plan to remove their veils after the ceremony can opt for bridal hair jewelry worn in the back of a fancy updo, where it will really shine once the veil is removed for the reception. A large crystal comb or a scattering of sparkly hairpins could be just right.

When deciding on your wedding hairstyle, it is important to consider

Women’s Boat Shoes – A Fashion Trend

Boat shoes is a term that describes a wide variety of casual footwear. Also known as deck shoes or topsiders, these shoes have been designed as rugged and tough footwear with very good traction to provide good grip for boaters on slippery decks and during wet weather. It is thought that the modern boat shoe probably evolved from the Native American moccasin and today it still bears a resemblance to this familiar and comfortable shoe.

In recent years, with so many men and women wearing this style of shoe, the boat shoe has became a fashion accessory as well as a functional boating accessory. The style has become popular with many people, including those that have never set foot on the deck of a boat. As a result of this popularity, boat shoes have become a footwear style in their own right.

The quality of boat shoes varies, however, and there can be quite a difference between shoes that have been truly designed for sailors and those that have been designed simply as fashion accessories but based on the same style as the boat or deck shoe.

A good pair of quality boat shoes will be flexible and comfortable and fit snugly. Your foot should not slide side to side or forward and back, and your toes should never feel cramped in the toe. The feature that sets topsiders apart from a regular shoe is the sole. Deck shoe soles display a very tight ripple designed to squeeze out the water from the sole and provide strong grip on a wet deck. Many women’s boat shoes and some men’s shoes have laces but they are low cut at the front and sides so that they can be slipped off and on easily.

Most quality boat or deck shoes are manufactured from leather, and they can be treated with waterproofing compounds and protected with leather conditioner. Shoes with removable liners should have the liner removed regularly and aired and sprayed to help keep them fresh.

From a fashion standpoint, this type of footwear may not be ideal for the office but they’ll be right at home on the patio, at a barbecue, strolling along a beach or at a picnic… as well as the deck of a yacht!

When buying any shoe, it is always preferable to try them on for size and comfort before purchase, however, many online stores provide reliable measuring tools so that you can purchase your topsiders at a discount and still be sure of a good fit.

Haute Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings with Natural Elements

There are some pieces of jewelry that you simply can’t afford to be without, while others, you might admire from afar, but decide that the trend just doesn’t fit your style or your budget. This season, one of the most coveted (and affordable) looks of the moment is jewelry that comes from the elements of nature. Bracelets, necklaces, rings with shells and natural unpolished stones are not only beautiful to look at, they are unique as well. With no two that are alike, each style setting maven will be able to create her own style statement with the best that nature has to offer.

Recently, Michelle Obama sent the trend watchers into a frenzy when she wore a vintage multi-tier necklace of faux pearls and rhinestones. The 12 interwoven strands of pearls were ivory and light blue, adding a perfect contrast to her shimmery black evening gown. Mrs. Obama’s style is often in the spotlight, as she seems to know just the right jewelry to create style that is both classic chic and modern mom. For summer, try a twist on her style with multi-strand candy colored shell necklaces in hues like orange and turquoise, and try fashionable bracelets with natural stones. These stunners look great when paired with sundresses, or can be as easily worn to dress up a white t-shirt and jeans. Throw on a pair of metallic or neutral sandals, and you’ll be ready to go.

Natural stones such as topaz and amethyst look great with warm summer colors like golden yellow. Top sellers of the season include sterling silver necklaces with large stone pendants, chunky cocktail rings with unpolished rocks, fashionable bracelets with golden yellow sparks. Wear with polished pieces for a funky bit of flair, or channel your inner bohemian rhapsody by layering neutral pieces and fabrics. Add at least one natural piece of jewelry to your current jewelry stash to stay up with the latest and greatest style scene and create a unique look that is all your own.
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